About our breastfeeding consultations

Metropolitan Breastfeeding is the largest and most experienced lactation consultants’ business in the DC Metro area.

Our mission is to promote and encourage the breastfeeding experience.

Our goal is to provide sound advice, education, and emotional support for breastfeeding families.

We recognize that each family is unique, and we work with the individual needs of each, helping them set and achieve their own personal goals, so that they can enjoy the breastfeeding relationship.

Our consultants are all International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and have extensive training and experience in all aspects of the breastfeeding process including:

• Anatomy of the breast
• Physiology of lactation
• Biochemistry of human milk
• Management of the parent/infant nursing couple
• Parental/infant nutrition
• Feeding complications
• Drugs in human milk
• Allergies and nursing

Many families encounter breastfeeding difficulties at one point or another, including but not limited to: 

• Poor infant weight gain
• Low milk supply
• Nipple soreness
• Engorgement
• Jaundice
• Latch difficulty
• Nipple confusion/preference
• Premature infants
• Mastitis
• Plugged ducts
• Feeding multiples
• Returning to work


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