Jessi Bustamente



Jessi is the mother of two breastfed babies, who are no longer babies, and the spouse of an active duty military member. It was the difficulties that she personally had with breastfeeding that lead her down the path of birth work and lactation specifically. Had it not been for the lactation consultants she worked with early on she believes she would not have been successful in her own efforts. She wanted to give back to other families struggling with similar issues.  First becoming a Birth Doula and then a Lactation Counselor, she has been supporting families for the past 7 years. Jessi has particular interest in assisting babies with tongue ties, as that was an issue she encountered with her own child. Supporting families through education and empowering them to find the best path for their family unit is of the utmost importance to Jessi. In her limited spare times she enjoys camping and biking with her family and a wide array of crafting activities. 

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