Manu Lizzio-Hashime


Like many moms, Manu’s transition into Motherhood was not an easy one. Thinking breastfeeding would be ‘intuitive’, she quickly learned after the birth of her first baby that it was nothing like what she had imagined. Nonetheless she was determined to do it and found Metropolitan Breastfeeding as a client first. With the care and support of her lactation consultant and now colleague, Dawn Graham, she transformed her breastfeeding experience from a struggle to the most enjoyable part of her day (and night). The connection it enabled her to establish with her child was so profound and meaningful that she decided to leave her international career in Marketing to help other moms breastfeed and transition into Motherhood. Manu was a mentee of Dr. McCue and brings compassion and knowledge of the most up to date evidence-based practices when working with families. She supports them through this journey with the same energy, commitment and determination that helped her succeed, in breastfeeding and changing careers, and has never experienced greater professional fulfillment.

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