Researching all of the various types of breast pumps out there can feel overwhelming. Why are there so many? A variety of choices allows every mom to find the right pump for her – but how do you know when a hospital-grade pump is right for YOU?

Hospital-grade breast pumps have powerful motors (but a lot more comfortable) and are designed to be long-lasting and reduce contamination, so they can be used by multiple people in a medical/hospital setting (each with their own accessory kit). These pumps are much better than the pumps you can buy retail or receive from your insurance company. This extra strength mimics a baby’s natural sucking stimulation and allows for more efficient and shorter pumping times – this is especially helpful in the postpartum period when you are establishing your supply and maximizing your potential for milk production.

A few reasons we may recommend a hospital-grade pump:

  • To establish your supply when your baby is born prematurely and low on strength and tenacity
  • If you are experiencing problems with lactation – maybe a sore, cracked nipple or low milk supply
  • If you are exclusively pumping – this is almost always the way to go
  • or if you’re nursing multiples – a solid “must” and we  have a very special pump for moms  of multiples

When considering a breast pump, you should also consider your lifestyle. If you are pumping outside of the home you may want to have a personal pump that is more portable and lightweight in addition to a hospital-grade pump; although, our symphony pumps also come with a car adapter. Most insurance companies can provide you with a personal breast pump, as can we, BUT, keep in mind that if you take that benefit upfront before you know what you might need it might negate your benefit for a hospital-grade pump, which is sometimes covered by insurance.  

Contact us today to discuss your options and do a little trial. Most of our services are covered by insurance, including rentals of our hospital-grade equipment! We also have plenty of personal use pumps available for purchase.