Primary Practitioner, Ob-Gyn, IBCLC, or 24/7 Care?

When it comes to lactation problems, some parents aren’t sure who to see to help alleviate their concerns. Should you schedule with their primary practitioner, Ob-Gyn, IBCLC, or go to a 24/7 medical care center? Everyone is different, but there are some general things you can keep in mind to decided where to turn to when faced with a problem.

When to see a Family Practitioner/ Pediatrician

Your family practitioner/pediatrician will probably have the closest relationship to your family. They are normally the first you will go to with concerns of your baby’s health. If you have general questions or concerns, such as with baby’s weight gain and physical wellness assessment, you will probably go to them first.

When to see an Ob-Gyn

Your Ob-Gyn specializes in reproductive health. If you have any questions or concerns in that area, go to them. For example, if you are wondering about any birth control or fertility options, your Ob-Gyn should be able to give you a specialized plan based on your past medical reproductive history.

When to see an IBCLC

If you have lactation problems you should schedule to see an IBCLC. This can include latching issues, pain while feeding or pumping, and/or supply issues, Your IBCLC will be specialized in the lactation field, and normally general practitioners and Ob-Gyns will refer their patients will lactation issues to an IBCLC. Some general practitioners and Ob-Gyns may also be accredited IBCLCs, so be sure to ask.

When to go to 24/7 care

The medical professionals mentioned above normally operate during normal business hours and through appointment only. If you are having problems outside of regular business hours, cannot get an appointment, or are having an emergency, please go directly to urgent care or the ER (depending on the situation). After your visit with either urgent care or the ER, be sure to schedule a follow up appointment with either your primary practitioner, Ob-Gyn, and/or IBCLC for future care.