Why Choose Metropolitan Breastfeeding?


*Home visits subject to a travel fee.

Our consultants travel to your home, on short notice, and give you all the tools you need during this special time in your family’s life. You can also come visit one of our conveniently located offices in Bethesda or Columbia where we offer hospital-grade breastpumps and everything else you’ll need to help make life with your new baby easier. We travel all over the DC Metropolitan area – from Baltimore to Frederick, Northern Virginia to DC – we are there for you to provide all the services you need to meet your breastfeeding goals!

Our mission

is to promote and encourage the breastfeeding experience.

Our goal

is to provide sound advice, education, and emotional support for breastfeeding families.

We know babies don’t understand office hours, so our support inbox is checked until late at night.

Our team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants work under the direction of a Nurse Practitioner and we have years of experience working with a diversity of families and breastfeeding situations. You take care of baby – we take care of you.

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Metropolitan Breastfeeding is nothing short of the gold standard in…well, in everything that they do. I called two days before Christmas Day and needed help before the holidays. Katie answered the phone when I called and was able to get me in immediately (we’re taking within the hour)! She was so professional, accommodating and friendly both on the phone and in person. When I got there I was seen by Michelle who was able to quickly determine the cause of the pain I was experiencing, recommend a solution that pretty much fixed it, fit me for a bra that doubles as a pumping and a nursing bra (yes, they exist!), and waved her fairy godmother lactation wand as I walked out. Before I even got to my car I was emailed a receipt of services and a Thank You. Once I got home I had a few questions and wanted to switch sizes (I’d been between two). They welcomed me back and were so pleasant and genuine while helping me to decide which size would be best. Email response times are lightning fast, too- thanks, Katie! The real reason I decided to write a yelp review is because they not only fixed my issues, recommended solutions, etc. but they are both genuinely nice people who really want to help. It was a true pleasure doing business with these ladies and I truly enjoyed my time there. -B
I wanted to give a Thank You to you all, specifically Ania, who helped me 1 yr ago in getting breastfeeding worked out with my daughter. When Ania visited I was a stressed out, sleep deprived, freaking out new mom with mastitis, 2nd degree tears, and a baby who just wasn’t getting the milk out of me and losing weight! After Ania visited, and with a few visits to my lactation consultant through my insurance, I was still struggling, but using the techniques Ania had showed me. One day I was about to throw in the towel and decided to just do formula. It was heartbreaking, but I didn’t have a choice – at least I thought. But I was determined – and I kept reminding myself of what Ania had seen – which was I had plenty of milk, she just needed to figure out how to get it out. That night I gave it one more go, and she latched! As per Ania’s advice, then I rented a hospital grade pump, which really helped my milk supply get established. She has been breastfeeding, like a champ, ever since. I was able to eventually stop formula supplementation. Now at 14 months old, she is still breastfeeding – in fact it is hands down, her favorite activity. Thank you for what you all do – and I hope more women can have access to services like these in the future! – Erinn H.
I met Kathy several years ago, before I was breastfeeding and knew that she would be there for me if I ever needed help once I gave birth. Well, lo and behold I came down with a horrible stomach bug and over the course of several days my milk supply practically vanished. I went into major panic mode and all my common sense flew out the window. I contacted Kathy for help, and she was so calm and collected, that I instantly felt at ease. She provided me organic supplements to increase my milk supply, a hospital grade breast pump, and a plan of attack. Two weeks later, my supply is 80%, and I feel so great. With Kathy’s encouraging words and expertise, I feel empowered to continue feeding my baby. I highly recommend Bethesda Breastfeeding to any Mom who needs help with supply, latching, or just some encouraging words and helpful tips. I also bought a great nursing/pumping bra from their office! – L.R.

Breastfeeding in the time of COVID-19

Although times are hard, we want you to know that we are here for you. We at Metropolitan Breastfeeding want you and your family to feel safe and healthy when you come to see us. When you come to our office or we go to your home for lactation evaluation, support, and treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic we will do everything in our power to keep you safe!

  • All staff will have their temperature taken at the beginning of the day
  • All staff will wear masks, gloves, and gowns when working with patients
  • All staff will disinfect any equipment used before each new use
  • All staff will practice social distancing to the best of our ability
  • We will take our patients’ temperature before their appointments and ask them to fill out a brief screening questionnaire
  • We also provide telehealth visits for families that do not feel comfortable coming in and as an initial visit before determining whether an in-person visit is needed
  • Lastly, in the office, we will only see one patient at a time and allow sufficient time between visits for disinfection practices

Our staff has one goal: to provide sound advice, education, and emotional support for all breastfeeding families. We will continue to work hard to help all families set and achieve their own personal feeding goals while staying safe and reducing the spread of COVID-19!


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